Finding an Escort Agency in Frankfurt

In contrary to many other European countries escort service is legal in Germany. Thus the World Wide Web is full of German providers in different price categories. Not all of them are trustworthy and reliable. For a gentleman searching an escort agency in Germany the first time, it is quite difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff.  In general there are three ways to find the best escort Frankfurt.

1)   Recommendations by friends

A personal recommendation by a friend is of course the safest way to find a serious escort provider.  However not every gentleman looking for an escort is lucky enough to have a friend who can help with an advice.

2)   Recommendations on the World Wide Web

There are a couple of escort forums with agency and escort reviews on the Internet. Clients post their experiences with escort agencies and escort ladies there.  A well-established escort forum for example is One will find reviews not only about escorts in Frankfurt there, but also about worldwide providers. However, a lot of agencies write their own reviews and thus not all reviews there are real.  But nevertheless, a forum will give you a good overview about escort providers.

3)   Analyze the website of the escort agency

There are some attributes on the website of an escort provider you should pay attention to. First of all, check the imprint. If there´s none or some address on Virgin Islands or a Ltd. name without owners identity: hands off!
Also the number of ladies and the quality of the pictures is an indicator for the reliability of the escort agency. If there are a few ladies with high quality and recent pictures all in the same style, that´s a good sign. Those agencies meet the ladies in personal, take only the best of them and do an exclusive photo shoot with them. So the client can be sure, that the lady in the pictures is the lady he finally meets.

If you finally found your perfect escort agency in Frankfurt, you should share your experiences with others in an escort forum. This will help other newbies making a good decision.

In our next post, you will learn how to contact the escort agency in Frankfurt.

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